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You have organised your wedding but you wish to enjoy the day  without worrying about anything.

I can relieve you of all the stress of managing your itinerary and any unexpected surprises so that your day runs smoothly.


Your Wedding 
" Instant Présent "

What's included :

* Discovery meeting

* Review of all the services and details of your wedding

* Contact with your service providers and  contracts verification

* Technical visit of the venue with the service providers 

* Creation of  Day-D timetable

* Advices and follow-up 

D-Day Coordination:


* Setting up the decoration

* Coordination of service providers

* Orientation and reception of guests

* Management of timing and unexpected events 

* 2nd D-Day Coordinator

* Presence from the set up to the opening of the ball.


Extra :

* Organisation of the welcome dinner the day before or the brunch the day after

* After party clear up service

From 1800€

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